A New Nest

The Bewick wren team has built a new nest on Bill’s workbench–and I’m moving my website to WordPress!

As you probably know, way back in the day, I got into the habit of building a new “nest” for every writing project, individual books as well as series. Trouble is, the book/series list just keeps getting longer and longer and it’s time for a change. A big change.

With the help of my new webmaster, Mark Wiard, I’m moving everything to the new site. Mark is doing the heavy lifting (and there’s a lot of it); I’m doing some editing and learning to manage this new blog. It may take a while to pack up the furniture and the doodads and clean out the old closets, but we’ll get it done.

So hang on tight, folks. Here we go!

Reading note. Momma used to say, you got to know when to move. More important than knowing when to stay put.–Joyce Carol Oates, Man Crazy