The Pecan Springs Trilogies

The little town of Pecan Springs, Texas, is home to many different characters, all of whom have their own stories. In these two linked-novella trilogies, you can learn more about Ruby Wilcox’s psychic life as the proprietor of the Crystal Cave and Jessica Nelson’s career as a crime reporter for the Pecan Springs Enterprise. Coming: a trilogy featuring Sheila Dawson, chief of the Pecan Springs PD.

What’s a novella? A short novel with its own stand-alone story. Susan’s novellas are about half as long as her full-length mysteries.

What’s a linked-novella trilogy? It’s a series of three novellas linked by a strong plot that begins in the first book and is wrapped up in the third.  Together, the three linked novellas are about one-and-a-half times longer than a China Bayles mystery.

NoBODY: A Novella – Crystal Cave Series Book 1

Ruby has a rare gift for seeing things others can’t. But when she tries to look into the secret landscape of her dream, is she seeing what’s real or what’s false? Enter Ruby’s mysterious world in the first book of this masterfully crafted trilogy.

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