SomeBODY Else: A Novella – Crystal Cave Series Book 2





“[Albert] consistently turns out some of the best-plotted mysteries on the market.”
Houston Chronicle

Ruby Wilcox (owner of the Crystal Cave, Pecan Springs’ only New Age shop) is looking forward to an entertaining and profitable weekend as a vendor at the annual Mystic Creek Harvest Festival, held at a Hill Country ranch. Her booth is full of all kinds of magical, mystical wares: crystals and cards, rune stones, pendulums, dream catchers, wind chimes, and wands. The festival—famous for its artists, crafters, and fabulous folk musicians—attracts Texans from all across the state. Still, Ruby is surprised when Detective Ethan Connors shows up. What prompts him to come? Attraction to Ruby? A cop’s skeptical curiosity about her psychic gift? A love of folk art and music?

But the festival’s fun comes to a bloody end when a Wiccan ritual knife is stolen from the Crystal Cave’s booth and used to end a life. Ruby is an immediate suspect, of course, as the local sheriff—an old friend of Ethan Connors—attempts to discover who did it and why. What was the motive?

When Ruby begins to suspect that she knows more than she’s meant to know about the murder, she has to decide how to use this dangerous knowledge—and what to do when she realizes that she is dead wrong—again. This time, she must learn to listen to music that only she can hear.

Ruby has a rare gift for seeing things that others can’t, but it’s unreliable. Her gift failed her once, when she lost her friend Sarah. Can she trust her talent to be there when she needs it—and to lead her in the right direction?