The Cottage Tales

The Cottage Tales are mysteries for readers of all ages, featuring beloved author and illustrator Beatrix Potter. In 1905, Beatrix bought a farm in England’s beautiful Lake District. The eight books in this series follow her adventures as she gradually moves away from her London life as a dutiful Victorian-age daughter, and into an independent life that offers new hopes, new love, and the possibility of self-determination. You will enjoy the authenticity of the historical setting and the details of Beatrix’s life, smile at the antics of the animals, and warm to the strong feeling of place and community. A stand-out series, for adult and young adult readers.

The Tale of Briar Bank – The Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter – Book 5

An antiquities collector dies in what looks like an accident (but is it)? An intrepid badger takes a winter swim in Moss Eccles Tarn. And an ambitious teenage dragon discovers that there’s more to life than guarding a golden treasure. Meanwhile, the villagers are mystified by a tangle of intrigues–and Miss Potter is troubled by hints of a romance.

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The Tale of Holly How – The Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter – Book 2

Everyone in Sawrey likes Ben Hornby. So when Beatrix finds the shepherd dead in the meadow and suspects foul play, while the village animals are deeply concerned about the fate of Old Ben’s missing sheep. Although she’s distracted by duties at the farm and the sad plight of the young girl who lives at Tidmarsh Manor, Miss Potter must get to the bottom of this.

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The Tale of Hill Top Farm – The Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter – Book 1

Spiced with gentle mystery and peopled with earthy and endearing villagers, The Tale of Hill Top Farm introduces Miss Beatrix Potter at a time of crisis, just after the death of her fiancé, Norman Warne. With help from her little family of animal friends, Beatrix sets out to win the human hearts of the village she plans to make her home.

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