The Tale of Castle Cottage – The Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter – Book 8

“Charming…Albert does a fine job of recreating the wistful, nostalgic mood of Potter’s children’s books.”
—Publishers Weekly

Beatrix is eager to marry her fiancé, solicitor Will Heelis. But with remodeling work at Castle Cottage, their future home, going at a snail’s pace, Beatrix finds frustration when the building contractor fires his best carpenter, Mr. Adcock, for stealing. At the same time, Will is investigating thefts on other construction sites—an inquiry that comes to a halt when Mr. Adcock is found dead.

Besides the construction debacle, there’s another hurdle for Beatrix and Will to overcome: the Potters have yet to give their blessing on the marriage. And when Beatrix’s brother decides to tell their parents about his own decade-long secret marriage, Miss Potter knows that any chance she had of finding her own happy ending is vanishing rapidly.

The final book in this unique eight-book series.


Praise for The Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter

“The third-person narrator [of the Cottage Tales] is a time-traveling wonder, capable of living in the past—1912 in this book—and giving readers the perspective of a modern person. Plus she has a wonderful, wry sense of humor…if she isn’t the best third-person narrator in the business, I don’t know who is!”
—The Cozy Library

“Charming…Albert does a fine job of recreating the wistful, nostalgic mood of Potter’s children’s books.”
—Publishers Weekly

“Because you are fond of fairy-tales…I have made you a story all for yourself, a new one that nobody has read before.”
—Miss Beatrix Potter

“Whimsical, fanciful and magical…a precious tale.”
—Genre Go Round Reviews

“Albert successfully conveys the atmosphere of Potter’s own writing and pictures…The reader is plunged into a magical yet real world of people with problems and animals with common sense. This is the first of a series. Bring on the rest!”
—Janet Overmyer,

“An exceptional mystery novel where we not only get to see some puzzles solved, but we also meet some wonderfully rich and vibrant characters. The reader also gets a wonderful picture of English village life and a tantalizing look into the heart and soul of one of the world’s most famous children’s book writers.”
—The Looking Glass Review

“…This is a book for all ages, but it seems to fit the bill perfectly for middle-schoolers who are looking for mysteries and like animal stories…Beatrix is not only an author and illustrator, she is a first-rate sleuth. We bet this series will appeal to you and your middle-school mystery fan.”
—The Detroit Free Press