The Tale of Hawthorn House – The Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter – Book 4

“This whimsical blend of romance, mystery, and nostalgia will keep cozy fans happily entertained.”
—Publishers Weekly

The Tale of Hawthorn House finds Miss Potter unexpectedly in possession of a foundling child, Baby Flora, stolen by the mysteriously twinkly Mrs. Overthewall from her teenage mother, Emily and left on the Potter doorstep.  The only clues to the baby’s identity are a note, a ring, and a hawthorn sprig, and no one knows of any newborns. Miles Woodcock and his sister, Dimity, gladly give the baby a new home, leaving Miss Potter to solve the mysteries of where she came from, why, and who shall say what happens to the child if her mother can’t be found.

Others have their own domestic problems. The inexperienced Jemima Puddleduck broods over a clutch of late-hatching eggs and worries that Miss Potter’s latest and wildly-popular book, The Tale of Jemima Puddleduck, will let the whole world know that she was foolish enough to lay her eggs in a fox’s back parlor. At the same time, the worldly Reynard the Fox struggles with his unnatural fondness for the innocent duck–and is the prime suspect when she disappears. And all the while, the village gossips are doing all they can to bring Miss Potter and the highly eligible Captain Woodcock together. The Land Between the Lakes is full of misadventure!


Praise for The Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter

“The story is a feat of writing skill that fits people–and anthropomorphized animals–into a fantastical world that the reader believes in wholly. The rhythm of the writing is very reminiscent of Beatrix Potter’s, but the social commentary and the humor present in the story make it very much Ms. Albert’s.” —Mystery Scene Magazine

“A gentle, whimsical tale with a nice dose of a mystery mixed into the cozy storyline.”
—Harriet Klausner

“This whimsical blend of romance, mystery, and nostalgia will keep cozy fans happily entertained.”
—Publishers Weekly

“A mystery that’s a stellar tribute to the famous children’s author. As charming as the ‘little books’ themselves, this is sure to delight Beatrix Potter fans and cozy lovers everywhere.”
—Publishers Weekly *

—Kirkus Reviews

“Ms. Albert has a light whimsical touch and integrates animal and human thoughts and conversations in a refreshing, matter-of-fact of way. Delightful and charming old fashioned village mystery, with a twist. It should appeal to teens, animal lovers, and devotees of Beatrix Potter of all ages.”
—Judith Rovenger, Youth Services Consultant for the Westchester Library System, Ardsley NY