Someone Always Nearby: A Novel of Georgia O’Keeffe and Maria Chabot

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In 1940, art-world icon Georgia O’Keeffe bought a house in a mountain-rimmed New Mexico desert, planning to live there for six months every year. To manage her remote household while she paints, O’Keeffe invited Maria Chabot–a young and naïve would-be writer–to join her.

Their tempestuous relationship endured throughout the chaotic years of WW2; the death of Georgia’s domineering, philandering husband (famed photographer Alfred Stieglitz); and Maria’s design and building of a remarkable adobe house and studio for the artist in the native village of Abiquiu—a generous gift from an exceptional friend.

An evocative story that explores the dimensions of friendship and the debts we incur to those who make our lives easier, Someone Always Nearby is based on research into a massive collection of over 700 letters, documents, media reports, and historical accounts.  Readers will be fascinated by this intimate, revealing portrait of the artist’s daily life during her first decade at her New Mexico ranch–a mysterious, enigmatic O’Keeffe that only one woman, Maria Chabot, ever fully knew.

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Praise for Someone Always Nearby

“Completely absorbing, the book offers a moving meditation on art, ambition, passion, and friendship, as well as a breathtaking tribute to an unconquerable land.”–BlueInk, starred review (full review here)

 “[T]he book captures the main characters’ passion, the beauty of the desert, and Santa Fe’s vibrant, idiosyncratic artistic community in vivid detail. A compelling portrait of the artist, her assistant, and the desert around them.” –Kirkus Reviews

“Albert once again shows her versatility in her latest foray into historical novels about famous women. As always, her characterizations are impressive, as is the pacing of the narrative. A welcome addition to the body of serious research and writing about the eminent twentieth-century painter [O’Keeffe} and the people who made her life’s work possible.”—US Review of Books

“Set against a vivid backdrop, the novel Someone Always Nearby covers the stories of Georgia O’Keeffe and Maria Chabot with a keen sense of historical grounding.”–Foreword Reviews

“An intimate, perceptive glimpse into the dark side of the artist . . . the impossible, epic-sized, faceted, fascinating Changing Woman. I am indebted to Albert for the privilege of knowing Georgia O’Keefe better, with all her flaws and incredible, groundbreaking talents.—Kate Farrell, author of Story Power: Secrets to Creating, Crafting, and Telling Memorable Stories

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