Mystery Unscramble Giveaway

Contest closed–congratulations to the winners!

I’ve teamed up with 10 other mystery authors to bring you a Mystery Unscramble Giveaway–both a contest and a word game. (Mystery readers love word games, right?) For each author’s name you correctly unscramble, you’ll get one chance to win that author’s book, plus one chance to win the grand prize package of all eleven books. Author Kate Carlisle is hosting the contest on her website. (Thanks, Kate, for coming up with this idea.)

I won’t tell you the names of the participating authors because that would spoil your fun in unscrambling their names. But you can see their book covers and scrambled names below. Cozy readers are apt to recognize several of them right away and a quick google will fill in the rest. And here’s a hint from me: my recent A Plain Vanilla Murder is on the top row. So now you have only 10 left to unscramble.

Go  here to enter the contest. And good luck!