Susan’s Short Reads

I’m stashing my short fiction and nonfiction on my Substack site.  Currently, there are three completed short reads there, with a fourth (“A Collage to Kill For”) launching in May 2024. I’m also revising an out-of-print publication, Herbs of the Zodiac—planning to launch that (on Substack) as an illustrated 12-episode booklet sometime later this summer.

To read these stories online, click on the episode links. The stories are all free, so you’re welcome to share the links with friends; some of the premium extras are reserved for supporting Substack subscribers. (If you’d like to subscribe, you’ll see links to that page.)

The Khat Who Became A Hero

Khat Goes AWOL

Khat Sends an Invitation

China Follows a Few Clues

The Further Adventures of Khat

“Was There Ever a Khat So Clever?”


The Rosemary Caper

China Bayles Gets an Assignment

Cora Suspects a Suspect

Jane Clark is Annoyed

A Secret Dark Side


Old Resentments Die Hard


Fannie and the Back Fence Gang

Fannie Airs a Hot Topic

Bad Feelings and Indian Ghosts

Weird Things Happen at the Back Fence


China Hits the Hot Button