New Darling Dahlias Available for PreOrder!

The Kindle edition of the latest Dahlias mystery is now available for preorder!  The paperback edition will be available next week, the library hardcover edition will be published next spring, and the audio will be announced soon.

It’s 1935 in little Darling, Alabama. The town has a new radio station, Voodoo Lil has a little surprise for Violet, and the Dahlias have some growing to do. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as the Dahlias and I enjoyed writing it.

And congratulations to Vicki in Providence, RI–the winner of the big stack of four Dahlias mysteries. Thanks to everybody who entered. It was fun to read your comments. And watch for more book giveaways–I have some shelves to clean off and love sharing books with friends!




17 comments on “New Darling Dahlias Available for PreOrder!

  1. One of the things I enjoy about ‘Darling’ and ‘Pecan Springs’ books is the opportunity to go back and visit whenever an uplift is needed. Thank you for your wonderful books. Jaye

  2. I’m trying to order the Kindle edition of the Darling Dahlias and the Voodoo Lily, but I’m in Australia. I can’t seem to find any information about how to order it and when it will be available. Grateful for any info. Thanks

  3. And I just got a Kindle for my birthday, so I got to order! (I said I would never have one…10 years ago!) : )
    The first order I did was The Crystal Cave trilogy. I finished those and was getting ready to order The Enterprise Trilogy, and now I am going back to Darling, Alabama! Cannot wait! Thanks so much Susan!!

  4. Oboy! Christmas came early with this latest Darling Dahlias novel! Now if I could only get Deadlines, Fault Lines and Fire Lines in book form! I’ve been patiently waiting………

  5. I hope you’re writing another China Bayles soon! I love the series and have read them all, at least once1

  6. Susan, again, what an honor to receive the four Dahlia books! I just can’t believe it. I’ve read almost all of your books – you are such a good author! I will treasure these books and look forward to your future writings!

  7. Recently read Deadlines, Fault Lines and Fire Lines. Loved reading about the characters in your China Bayles series
    in depth.

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