Personal Herbal Rituals

In many cultures, herbal baths are an important ritual. The bathers believe that when certain herbs are added to the bath water, they release not only their scent but their special energies. A bath using the protective herb rosemary, for instance, was thought to make the bather safe from the forces of negativity and evil. Bay, basil, and fennel are other protective herbs.

To recreate this ritual for yourself, put a cup and a half of crushed rosemary leaves and one/half cup each of crushed bay leaves, basil, and fennel into a quart jar. Pour boiling water over the herbs and let them steep. Strain into a warm bath. An alternative, using essential oils: blend 6 drops rosemary oil with 2 drops each of bay, basil, and fennel oils. Mix with 1 tablespoon of carrier oil, such as grapeseed, jojoba, or almond. Relax, feeling safe and cared for. Add the oil blend to the bathwater just before you climb in, so you can enjoy the scent before the essential oils evaporate. Rub the droplets of oil onto your skin as you relax in the bath.

6 comments on “Personal Herbal Rituals

  1. Susan, Thanks for the reminder. I have a lot of rosemary, this will be a good use for some of it.

  2. I had not ventured over to this corner of your website before and I am loving it! I could practically smell the rosemary herbal bath blend as i was reading it! I find the scent of fresh rosemary so singular and able to wake me from any such thing as melancholy or just lack of inertia. A few minutes spent harvesting some stems, let alone using those stems in the house does me a world of good. And though I am it’s fan. I don’t think either mice or moths are! So that’s another reason to keep some rosemary growing near the house. Besides it’s a pretty plant that is quite drought tolerant. Who doesn’t love to hear that these days? I also rather like the combination of rosemary and orange zest or rind in a bowl of hot water to lift ones spirit. Good to know that rosemary may help in protecting one from negativity, not that there is any of that going around! 😉 Given a choice between a necklace of garlic or one of rosemary as my defense, I’m going for rosemary every time!

  3. Susan, you are a wealth of knowledge. And I am #6 (ebook) in line at my library for your new title HEMLOCK. So happy to read this newsletter. 🌷

  4. I should have known you were a real herbalist from your books. This is great! Thank you.

  5. When I saw Herbal Rituals in your article i thought it was about author Judith Berger. She writes with same title. Develops each month in a chapter using an herb. A favorite of mine.

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