Herbal Notebook

In 1999-2000, Susan offered essays on plant lore, mysteries, and magic for Michael Weishan’s National Public Radio program “The Cultivated Gardener.” You can find those essays here, in her Herbal Notebook. Several have also appeared in longer form in Susan’s podcasts, if you’d rather listen.

  • Rosemary. Remember.
  • Rhubarb: A Tart Tale
  • The Magical, Mystical, Magnetic Onion
  • Violet: “A Fine, Pleasing Plant of Venus”
  • Nettle: Bite Back
  • Gardener, Spare That Dandelion!
  • Foxglove: A Heartfelt Romance
  • Ferns: How to Become Invisible. Or Not.
  • How St. John’s Wort Got Its New Name
  • A Geranium by Any Other Name . . .
  • Peony: Blossoms That Blush
  • The Opium Poppy: A Plant to Die For
  • The Ubiquitous Plantain